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Pour modifier les stats a partir de vos slots de jeux.


Aladdin Edit ( je sais aucun rapport avec les RPG mais bon... )

Alien 3 Hack:

Alien Vs. Predator Save State Editor

Breath of Fire I:

Editor for Save States from both ZSNES or SNES9x of Breath of Fire I. Edits Name, Level, HP, AP, S. Ailments, Stats and Gold.

Download (ZSNES):

Download (SNES9x):

Breath of Fire II

This utility lets you edit the Stats, Sorts, niv, Noms, etc from Characters, Enemies Names, HP and much more.

Chrom CTrigger:

This is a rather impressive ZSNES Save State editor for Chrono Trigger. You can edit things such as character attributes, techniques, and much more.

Chrono Trigger Time & Name Editor:

This is a savestate editor that edits the character names and the ammount of time spent in the game

Chrono Trigger Savestate Editor:

The most complete editor for ZSNES Chrono Trigger Savestates: It can change all kinds of graphics, stats and items!

Dragon Quest State Tool 1 et 2:

Dragon Quest V Save State Editor:

Final Fantasy 5 Hacker:

This is a Save State Editor for Final Fantasy 5 ZSNES save states. It contains loads of features that aren't in any currently available FF5 save state editors, like editing of weapons, armours, abilities, etc.

Final Fantasy 5 Status Editor:

Final Fantasy 6 (3 US) Save State Editor

A save state editor for Final Fantasy 3 US for the use on ZSNES. You can edit characters stats, name, weapons, magic, etc. Very well done, check it out.

Final Fantasy II Save State Editor:

Final Fantasy III Save State Editor

Another great Save State Editor by The_Fake_God, It can edit stats, faces, equipment, names from characters, airship, money etc.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Save State Editor

Final Fantasy V Save State Editor

Illusion of Gaia

Lufia 2 Save State Editor:

Secret of Evermore Save State Editor n°1:

A ZST save state editor that allows you to change stats, items, armor and money.

Secret of Evermore Save State Editor n°2:

Secret of Evermore Status Editor:

This is another Save State Editor for .ZST save states. It can change the status of the Characters.

Seiken Densetsu III Editor:

Save State Editor for either ZSNES or SNES9x save states of Seiken Densetsu III. Lets you edit Level, Class, Name, HP/MP, Exp, Stats, and Money.

Seiken 3 Save State Editor ultra:

ZSNES Save State Editor for Seiken Densetsu III. Allows you to edit Items, Magic, Character Stats, and a few other things (check the readme.txt for more).

c'est le mieux de tous de seiken 3

Soul Blazer Save State Editor

Star Ocean Save State Editor

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Save State Editor le meilleurs celui obliger qu'il fasse partir de votre collection

Star Ocean Save State Editor le mieux

This save state editor was requested by someone, as that's why I created it. It allows you to edit most of the stats, equipment on, techniques, talents, fol (money), encounters, and which items are in your inventory.

Super Metroid Save State Editor:

Super Mario RPG HexEditor:

Tales of Phantasia Editor

A full featured editor for ZST save states (ZSNES Save State Files) of Tales of Phantasia. It is the most complete TOP Save-State Editor available and it was designed for the patched version (DEJAP). It may take a while to load because of the number of strings it is handling.

Terranigma Save State Editor

Zelda 3 Editor (n°2)

Ogre Battles N64 save state editor:


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Il faudrait qu'ils inventent une machine à remonter dans le temps, pour avoir les moyens de tout tester !!!!!
Tellement de projet qui sont à l'état de "En attente"....

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